Cardiac Rehab and AIR Wellness Program

What are the Cardiac Rehab and AIR Wellness Programs?

Cardiac Rehab Program

Have you or someone you know had a heart attack, heart valve repair, or other cardiac procedure? Does your physician or cardiologist want you to continue or begin a new cardiac exercise program? Don’t know where to go or what to do? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at AIR Physical Therapy & Fitness is your answer.  This program starts with a one on one evaluation by one of our physical therapists who will monitor your vital signs, review your medications, and discuss exercise restrictions and protocols so there is no confusion of what to do or anything to worry about. The therapist will determine the frequency and duration of your treatment and when appropriate, you will transition over to our fitness area where an AIR Fitness staff member will continue to monitor your vital signs and help you develop an individualized exercise program.  After a cardiac event, it is essential to begin a structured exercise program to build lean muscle and endurance that will allow for a return to an improved level of function.  We use equipment including blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, and Holter monitors during exercises in PT and the gym to make sure that your heart is responding normally.  Communication with your doctor is ongoing from the time you begin the program and periodically throughout to keep him or her informed as to how you are doing.  Our goal is to allow you to be as independent as possible while still making sure you are progressing safely and working toward a healthier lifestyle.  Ask your doctor or speak to an AIR staff member if you think this program would benefit you.

All major medical insurances accepted.

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AIR Wellness Program

The purpose of the AIR Wellness program is to introduce a more active lifestyle, through exercise, to those individuals who are unfamiliar with how to begin exercising and/or those who have medical conditions that need professional assistance to begin exercising.  We may communicate with the primary care physician in consideration of any medical conditions that may restrict certain exercises including: diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or others. We will work with your primary care physician as necessary during the program.

A Physical Therapist will work with the individual one-on-one 1-3 times per week for several weeks (if necessary) until the individual can safely transition to an independent exercise program.


Does insurance cover AIR Wellness?

  • Physical therapy for muscle/joint pain related to obesity, arthritis and other conditions is covered by most major health plans.
  • AIR maintains partnerships with many insurance providers and local employers who offer full or partial coverage of gym memberships.



Who can benefit from AIR Wellness?

AIR Wellness is designed for individuals, of any age, with medical or physical challenges that may limit or prevent traditional exercise programs such as: obesity, cardiac history, arthritis, hypertension, joint or muscle pain, and certain traumatic injuries.

Candidates for this program may simply want to feel better, but don’t know where to start. For them, AIR Wellness can serve as a motivating introduction to a healthier more active lifestyle.