What is the AIR Wellness Program?


AIR Wellness is an introductory physical therapy, exercise and nutritional guidance program designed to help you feel better.

During the one-month program, you will work with a trained physical therapist, in a private room, three times per week. These sessions will focus on reducing joint and muscle pain that limit your mobility or ability to exercise, along with improving flexibility and increasing stamina.

You will also receive a personalized home exercise program, nutritional counseling, advice on simple lifestyle changes that can help you feel better each day, and friendly coaching to keep you active and motivated in the future.


Who can benefit from AIR Wellness?


AIR Wellness is designed for individuals, of any age, with medical or physical challenges that may limit or prevent traditional exercise programs; Obesity, cardiac history, arthritis, hypertension, joint or muscle pain, and certain traumatic injuries.

Other patients simply want to feel better, but don't know where to start. For them, AIR Wellness can serve as a motivating introduction to positive, life-changing exercise and nutritional habits.


What can you expect from AIR Wellness?

Before you arrive:

• Take a moment to prepare a short list of personal health goals, and any questions or concerns you might have.


Your first visit:
• Allow one hour for your first visit. Wear loose-fitting clothing.
• Your therapist will work with you, in a private room, to evaluate your current medical condition, mobility, strength and flexibility.
• Your therapist will pay special attention to pain that limits your participation in common daily activities.
• You and your therapist will work together to develop specific and realistic goals for your treatment.
• Your therapist will develop and explain a schedule of simple exercises and activities you should perform at home, as your therapy progresses.
• You will schedule your subsequent therapy appointments: 3 times each week for 4 weeks.


Subsequent visits:
• Each visit will last one hour, and therapy will take place in a private room.
• Joint/muscle pain will be treated by a physical therapist.
• Treatment may include moist heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation, or exercise to your tolerance.
• You will schedule an appointment with a nutritionist.
• You will learn and practice simple tips that can help you feel better and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


At the end of the one-month program:
• You will have a personalized dietary and nutrition plan.
• You will be prepared to continue a home exercise program that will challenge you at an appropriate level, without risk for injury.
• Ongoing supervision by a physical therapist or certified personal trainer can be arranged following completion of the initial program.


Does insurance cover AIR Wellness?


• Physical therapy for muscle/joint pain related to obesity, arthritis and other conditions is covered by most major health plans.
• AIR maintains partnerships with many insurance providers and local employers who offer full or partial coverage of gym memberships.