Self Referral

To receive physical therapy treatment, most states, including Pennsylvania, no longer require a prescription from your physician. This new law, known as DIRECT ACCESS (DA) or SELF-REFERRAL, allows you to see a DA Licensed Physical Therapist immediately, so that you can receive the outpatient physical therapy care you need. Most health insurances cover physical therapy treatment received by using Direct Access. The sooner your condition is treated, the quicker the recovery. At AIR Physical Therapy, our Direct Access Licensed Therapists are qualified to evaluate your condition, assess your physical therapy needs, and begin treatment.


Common Conditions treated under Self-Referral:

Don’t delay treatment any longer!  Starting physical therapy sooner can lead to a quicker recovery and fewer therapy visits. Call us at 724-758-3338 for a FREE phone consultation or ask to be scheduled with either Dan Zelch or Ryan Beer. Should you have any questions regarding Self- Referral, fill out the form under Contact Us and a Physical Therapist will get back to you.