Fall Prevention

fallprevention01Did you know that complications from a fall often lead to permanent health related injuries? According to the Center for Disease Control, these complications are the 7th leading cause of fatalities in the United States.

Many falls can be prevented. A physical therapist at AIR Physical Therapy and Fitness can evaluate an at risk patient to determine if physical therapy could help reduce their risk for falling.

The Fall Prevention Program was created to identify and treat the conditions that increase a patient’s risk of falling. With the majority of falls occurring in individuals who are 65 years and older the Fall Prevention Program is offered to patients over the age of 60.

Individuals at risk might display signs of:

    • Tiring Easily
    • Having trouble walking
    • Difficulty getting out of chairs
    • Feeling like their world is full of obstacles

Unfortunately, these signs can result in patients becoming more sedentary and lead to a further decline in function and health. The goal of the Fall Prevention Program is to reverse the decline and regain mobility and confidence through gentle therapeutic exercises.

“Family members often worry about their parent or grandparent falling at home alone and sometimes are even considering placement in a personal care home,” states Dan Zelch, physical therapist and owner of AIR Physical Therapy. “Many times physical therapy can improve their loved one’s safety to the point of not having to take the next step.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing any signs of risk, please inquire about the Fall Prevention Program at AIR Physical Therapy.